The Adult Training and Development Network is a service funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Health/Nutrition, Family Services & Adult Education to provide training opportunities and resources for Adult Education programs across the state.  EdAdvance is home to Educator Evaluation, GED® Science and Social Studies support and Technology Integration Training.

Click here to view these Upcoming SDE Professional Development Workshops for Adult Educators! To register click on the course title in the pdf.

Adult Education Educator Evaluation 

Adopting Evaluation for the Adult Education Professional Webinar

Effective Feedback for Adult Education Instruction Webinar

Update on Evaluation & Support of Adult Educators - CSDE (PDF)

Communicating to Staff about Adult Education Evaluation (PDF)

Using the AE Rubric to Give Feedback (PDF)

GED® Science Support

Hands-On Science (PDF)

Hands-On-Science Webinar

GED® Social Studies Support

Reading Like a Historian (PDF)

Reading Like a Historian Webinar

Technology Integration Training

Smartphones (PDF)

Using Digital Tools to Support English Learners

Using Digital Tools to Support Learning Diabilities

Technology Basics for Instructors

Technology Basics for Instructors Webinar

Annual Conference on Serving Adults with Disabilities

The Annual Conference on Serving Adults with Disabilities provides an excellent opportunity
for participants to meet with a wide representation of experts and professionals.
Disabilities Conference 4.27.17



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