The EdAdvance School Services team is prepared to support district efforts to ensure that high quality, sustainable curricula is available in each content area. We are able to offer the same process we used on behalf of the CT Department of Education to reach this goal in priority districts, which includes the audit and analysis of existing Pre-K - 12 curricula and delivery of feedback, curriculum writing training and support targeted to needs identified in the audit, and on-going feedback for unit writing and implementation. To achieve this, we focus on the essential elements of quality curriculum, using model units to support adult learners in the development process, unwrapping standards in each unit and identifying how standards might be actualized through instructional practice.  In addition, we remain ready to support educators through the implementation of newly developed or revised curricula.

Our 2017-2018 offerings in this area include regional and customizable in-district sessions to support the work of educators working to develop or enhance curriculum. Offerings range from curriculum audits, training for educators new to curriculum writing, and on-going feedback to ensure fidelity of continued curriculum development.

Offerings & Services
  • Curriculum Audit and Writing Overview
  • Curriculum Audits
  • Regional Curriculum Writing Bootcamp