Our mission is to ensure that upon graduation, every student can think critically & creatively, solve problems, communicate, collaborate and be culturally proficient. To achieve this, we believe a district must have:

  • Teachers who offer rigorous, engaging, and relevant instruction every day to all students in every class.
  • Administrators who have a deep understanding of effective pedagogy, lead coherently and systematically to ensure students and teachers are successful in their pursuit of their appropriate outcomes.
  • Systems that are aligned and focused on student and adult success.


EdAdvance’s Feedback/Talent Capacity System builds on our successful district Coherence Planning Model and leverages the forces of focus, feedback, and systems alignment to support improved practice for students, adults, and systems. By using the same feedback and continuous improvement process and language at each level (student, adult, system) this unified coherence approach is the most efficient way to increase achievement across learning organizations.  Our 2017-2018 offerings include regional training and customizeable in-district offerings to support the work of using quality, targeted feedback to improve performance and enhance professional learning.

Offerings & Services

Superintendent, Central Office and Building Level Leadership Development & Support Services include:

  • Using Feedback and Coherence Planning To Support Student Achievement
  • Support for Aspiring Educational Leaders
  • Support for Leadership Induction
  • Foundational Skills for Evaluators
  • New Leader Mentoring and Support Program
  • Educational Leadership Professional Learning
  • Mentoring Feedback and Support
  • Intervention Feedback and Support
  • Building Leadership Capacity/Systems Coherence