We believe the key to improving outcomes for every child is to ensure that we as educators can lead students to construct meaning, apply new learning, develop independence as learners and improve performance based on our meaningful feedback.  Our 2017-2018 School Services offerings are focused on supporting these practices and the other high-leverage topics most often requested by our constituents.  They include a variety of supports to strengthen instruction aligned to the intent of content/state standards as well as offerings to measure and provide feedback on the learning that matters most. Professional learning sessions focus on research-based, student-centered practices that facilitate mastery of complex content and skills. These offerings include regional and customizeable in-district sessions to enhance the work of educators and students.

Offerings & Services
  • Teaching, Measuring, and Observing Critical Thinking - 21st Century Survival Skills       
  • Strategies for Reliable Measurement of Critical Thinking and Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Inquiry for Student-Centered Learning
  • Questioning: A Powerful Tool for Teachers and Students
  • The Basics of Differentiated Instruction
  • Providing Effective Feedback to Improve Student and Teacher Performance
  • Implementing the Math Practice Standards
  • Productive Mathematics Discussions
  • Bringing Student Ownership to a New Level
  • Exploring NGSS Science and Engineering Practices
  • Universal Design for Learning - How can we best address the learning needs of all our students:
  • Enough Already! Prioritizing, Maintaining Rigor & Finding Coherence
  • Connecting the Claims to Classroom Instruction
  • Utilizing Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments for Instruction and Assessment