Recruiting, inducting, supporting and retaining effective educators is essential in preparing each and every student for college, career and life. Research clearly links teacher quality to student outcomes. In order to exhibit strong professional practice and strive for continuous improvement, educators need guidance, support and resources. The EdAdvance School Services team is ready to provide the necessary assistance from beginning teacher induction to educator evaluation.

These 2017-2018 offerings include regional training and customizable in-district offerings to support the work of the Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) Program - and TEAM Review of Practice (ROP), our new voluntary option within TEAM, that uses the existing TEAM infrastructure and leverages already existing local processes (the district’s instructional practice rubric and a universal feedback process) to focus beginning teachers on the connection between their own instruction actions and student outcomes.

We also can provide regional and customizeable in-district sessions to enhance the work of evaluators within the Education Evaluation and Support process. Offerings range from supporting new evaluators with foundational skills through seasoned teams of evaluators looking to refine and calibrate their observation and feedback practices to improve teacher and student performance.

Offerings & Services

Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) Program

  • TEAM Orientation Session
  • Initial Support Teacher Training
  • Initial Reviewer Training
  • Facilitated Online Mentor Update
  • Facilitated Online Reviewer Update
  • Beginning Teacher Support Session
  • Facilitated Module 5 Conversation
  • In-district Support For Mentors, Reviewers, and Beginning Teachers

TEAM Review of Practice (ROP)

  • TEAM ROP Orientation
  • TEAM ROP Mentor Training
  • In-district Support for Mentors, Reviewers, and Beginning Teachers

Educator Evaluation and Support

  • Foundational Skills for Evaluators Training
  • Technical assistance for defining proficiency internally
  • 3 day in-district Foundational Skills Training for new evaluators and ongoing coaching
  • Technical assistance for internally updating and calibrating proficiency of existing evaluators
  • Complementary Observers
  • Third Party Evaluations
  • Validation of Evaluation Practices