We believe a positive learning environment that is responsive and respectful of the learning needs of students is essential for their success. Our School Services team is equipped to provide support and resources to help any staff improve their learning culture and support the unique needs of diverse learners with a focus on academic, social and emotional development.

Our 2017-2018 offerings include regional training and customizable in-district offerings to enhance the work of educators and students.  Options range from professional learning to support English Learners to assistance implementing a comprehensive multi-tiered system approach to improve academic and social success for all students. Additional programs and digital resources are available to enhance district practices and best support student learning and performance.


Offerings & Services
  • Unpacking the Coaching and Self Reflection Tool for Competency in Teaching English Learners
  • Dual Language Learners
  • English Learner Support/Customizable Title III reimbursable services including but not limited to assessment, instruction, consulting and professional learning
  • Introduction to Restorative Practices: How to Develop Relationships That Cultivate a Healthy Sense of Community in Homes, Early Childhood Programs, and Schools
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
  • CT School Climate Transformation Grant

Support Programs

K-12 Academic/Therapeutic Outplacement Programs

  • ACCESS provides full academic year (180 day) Outplacement Programs at its Danbury and Torrington locations for K-12 students who experience challenges in a mainstream school setting. The program supports each student’s individual needs for personal and academic success.

Short-term Diagnostic & Learning Center Services

  • The Diagnostic & Learning Center provides comprehensive evaluations to identify and plan for each student’s academic and social development needs.

Expelled Student Educational Programs

  • This program provides full or partial year academic services for expelled students, customized to district needs. Students receive 5-10 hours of direct academic instruction at ACCESS each week, as well as therapeutic and other required services (including drug testing as indicated). For the remaining time each week, students receive blended learning instruction using Odysseyware®, supervised by our certified teachers.

Summer Credit Recovery Programs

  • Certified teaching staff at ACCESS provide  tutoring in core academic areas and personalized instruction for credit recovery. Flexible scheduling is available based on the needs of the student and district.


Software & Instructional Tools


  • Countability is an easy-to-use mobile app that bridges the current information and communication gaps in school emergencies.  Designed to be an integral part of a school’s emergency procedures, Countability sets a new standard for emergency preparedness, integrating with PowerSchool and other SMS products to manage student locations and procedures in real time.


  • Odysseyware® is an innovative, multimedia-enriched online curriculum company. Odysseyware personalized instructional tools provide 21st-century educational solutions by offering courses in core subjects along with enriching electives, CTE, and professional development.  Used by schools across the country for both credit recovery and enrichment purposes, Odysseyware can support your instructional program in a cost effective fashion.


  • Thoughtexchange is an online collaboration tool that helps leaders and teams communicate so they can turn everyday challenges into opportunities to engage their team and constituents and make progress.  Thoughtexchange makes it easy to understand what agreements and ideas exist within your organization, which have the most support, and how they might benefit everyone and does it all through any available device in real-time.


  • LiveBook©  allows district administrators and teachers to organize, analyze and display all of the public and local data they need to make productive continuous improvement decisions and to understand how their actions impact student performance.