SOAR Regional Diagnostic & Learning Center provides interim educational and related school services for students who are experiencing significant challenges in their home school districts or making a transition from one education setting to another. Our program offers extensive educational evaluations to give parents and teachers a better understanding of the academic and/or social development needs of a student. In addition, we offer personalized educational programs and tutoring for students. 

At SOAR, we seek to provide all of our students with a new opportunity for success by cultivating the cognitive and non-cognitive skills they need to become productive members of their home and school communities. We take pride in our ability to collaborate closely with families and referring schools to design a comprehensive plan that addresses the educational, social/emotional, and transitional needs of each student. Careful consideration and planning are undertaken in determining which educational environment is best suited to meet a student’s unique needs in his or her home school district.

The Center’s enhanced services include: Summer Programming, Credit Recovery, Diagnostic Placement, and Interim Educational Placement.

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