The ACCESS Program at The Dr. Danuta M. Thibodeau Education Center is a K-12 elementary and secondary education program that provides specialized therapeutic and educational services for students with social, emotional, and behavioral conditions that impact their ability to learn. For over 20 years, the ACCESS Program has provided comprehensive, personalized educational and therapeutic programs and services in a nurturing, inclusive, and engaging educational environment.

The program is tailored to support each student’s individual needs for personal and academic success. Therapeutic services provide students with a safe, supportive, and structured environment where they can develop problem-solving skills and coping strategies. ACCESS students receive continuous, team-based, behavioral assessment and treatment planning, as well as weekly individual and group therapy sessions which help them to focus on decision-making, values clarification, goal-setting, self-management, and wellness.

The academic program is aligned with Connecticut Core State Standards as well as with school district graduation requirements, and engages students in vocational and experiential learning activities to prepare them to meet the needs of the 21st century. Highly qualified, professional staff members include the school’s principal, a comprehensive clinical team, and teachers certified in elementary education, secondary education, and special education. Program educators use evidence-based teaching approaches to support student success. 

We offer a variety of educational program options for expelled students working in close collaboration with school districts.  Please contact Jennifer Douglas, ACCESS Principal, for more information.

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Steve Culbertson, Director of Special Education, North | 860.618.7411 
Jennifer Douglas, Director of Special Education, South | 203.205.0000 x250
Athela Sibilia, Social Worker | 203.205.0000 x231
Daniel Pace, Social Worker | 203.205.0000 x266
Faye Tway-Grant, Math Department | 203.205.0000 x271
Anthony Magnano, Science Department | 203.205.0000 x274
Michael Gingras, Social Studies Department | 203.205.0000 x272
Diane Dean, Special Education | 203.205.0000 x275
David Backer, Special Education  | 203.205.0000 x253
Patricia O'Neill, Special Education  | 203.205.0000 x233
Maria Bogues, Administrative Assistant | 203.205.0000 x251