At EdAdvance’s Special Education Services, we partner with K-12 school districts across the state to provide cost effective, superior quality programming that meets each special education student’s individualized academic, emotional, social, behavioral, and transitional needs. We also work with districts’ certified and non-certified staff to ensure that they are receiving the highest levels of training and support.

Our uniquely qualified professional staff collaborates with school district special education directors, teachers, parents/guardians, students, and specialized service providers to offer personalized instruction and supports for students. Our staff also provides program development expertise, PPT facilitation, professional development, transportation, and personnel services to schools, districts, and regional organizations. 


The ACCESS School at The Dr. Danuta M. Thibodeau Education Center

The ACCESS School provides educational and behavioral intervention services. The program is designed to meet the needs of middle and high school students who have difficulty in a mainstream school setting. Review/download our ACCESS School Brochure.

SOAR Regional Diagnostic & Learning Center

SOAR provides interim educational and related school services for students who are experiencing significant challenges in their home school districts or making a transition from one education setting to another. Our program offers extensive educational evaluations to give parents and teachers a better understanding of the academic and/or social development needs of a student. In addition, we offer personalized educational programs and tutoring for students. Learn more by viewing/downloading our SOAR Program Fact Sheet.

Center for Children's Therapy

The Center for Children's Therapy (CCT) is designed to provide convenient, high quality occupational, physical and speech-language therapy services to children from birth to age 21 at an affordable cost. CCT, a partnership with Brooker Memorial, provides a sliding fee structure and accepts HUSKY and private insurance. It is conveniently located in the Brooker Memorial facility at 157 Litchfield Street in Torrington. Download CCT Brochure.

Contact: Brenda Johnson, CCT Coordinator
860.605.4871 | Email

In District/Region Program Development

Our team is able to work with you and partner districts to develop specialized, school-based programs that can reduce the need for outplacement, as well as enable students to return to your district from an outplacement facility.

PPT Facilitation

In this student-focused process, a trained professional from EdAdvance acts as a neutral facilitator to assist the PPT team in working collaboratively to reach consensus and develop a comprehensive Individual Education Plan (IEP) tailored to the unique needs of each student.

Transportation Services

EdAdvance specializes in transporting students with special needs utilizing a fleet of vehicles equipped to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective services for the districts in our region. GPS tracking is used to accurately track billable hours to ensure districts are getting the best possible pricing for student transportation.

Personnel Services

Let EdAdvance fulfill your district’s needs for non-certified support staff. We are available to provide “one-stop” service and handle the recruitment, employment screening, and hiring for you.

Professional Development

Special Education Services provides targeted professional development for special education and related service staff that complies with current state and national standards. In addition, we develop customized professional development programs and one-to-one coaching based on your district’s unique needs.

De-Escalation Training

In order to meet the requirements of Connecticut’s Restraint and Seclusion laws, de-escalation training is available for any of your employees utilizing the Crisis Prevention Institute’s (CPI) Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Program. This specialized training will help better prepare your staff to safely and effectively handle an agitated student.

Complementary Programming

Our team has the expertise to assist you in developing programs that extend IEP services beyond the traditional school day and school year, including after school and extended school year programs. 

Related Service Support

Special Education Services can provide you with the related service supports you need to meet the goals of any IEP. This includes BCBA consultations and planning, Speech & Language Pathology, Psychological Evaluations, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.

To learn more about EdAdvance's complete special education programming, please review/download our Special Education Services Brochure.