The EdAdvance School Age (SA) Programs exist to provide a safe, healthy, worry-free environment for the child who cannot be home with a parent. The focus is to meet the developmental needs of each individual child through enriching and quality experiences that enhance self-esteem and promote success. 

The SA Programs provide before and after school services, as well as technical assistance to other districts that are considering similar efforts. In addition, the program staff offer individualized training opportunities in staff development and in other specialized areas. Consulting services are available to agencies and districts.

The EdAdvance SA Programs currently operate 14 school-based sites, serving 25 schools in 8 districts including Newtown (6 elementary and intermediate), Brookfield, Woodbury, New Hartford, Barkhamsted, Harwinton, Litchfield and Torrington (2 sites). The SA Programs currently serve approximately 500 children. The programs are open to children between the ages of 5 and 12 (children aged 5 must be currently attending Kindergarten) and have been in operation for 25 years. The programs are funded through parent fees. 

The SA Programs are licensed by the Office of Early Childhood (OEC). The State and Local Board of Health inspect each site. The staff must be approved by the State DPH as well. The Head Teachers are mostly certified teachers and need to have a minimum of 12 credits of Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education or a related field and 540 working hours experience with school age children. The Assistant Teachers’ qualifications include either an education background or experience with school age children. The SA Programs strive to meet the NAA (National Afterschool Association) and CT After School Network standards of quality.

The program provides nutritious snacks and a variety of age-appropriate activities for the children. The children have many choices at the program, but it is still structured by the staff. Some of the indoor/outdoor activities include enrichment activities, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) & literacy activities with a focus on wellness, sports, games, use of computers, quiet time, and an opportunity to work on homework. 

The EdAdvance School Age Programs has been awarded the After School Grant by the Connecticut State Department of Education. A major focus of the BASES (Before & After School Enrichment Services) grant is to deliver a balanced and accessible STEM and Literacy after school curriculum designed to engage all students and strengthen academic performance. The other goal of the grant is to support and involve working families and to positively affect school attendance, academic achievement, student behavior, and overall well-being. This initiative enables us to offer program tuition scholarships to eligible families and tuition scholarships for Adult Continuing Education opportunities. 

Full day programs during school vacations and teacher in-service days are also available. The full day programs are contingent upon the availability of the school building and its custodians. The SA Programs are open on scheduled early dismissal days. However, the programs do not operate on holidays, emergency early dismissal days, snow days, or during the December break. 

The School Age Programs also provide full day Summer Adventure Programs for children ages 5-12 (children aged five must be currently attending Kindergarten) between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, during the summer months.  Each week is devoted to a different theme that will peak the curiosity of the children. Some of the activities will consist of the Arts, Multi-cultural, Scientific, and FUN activities. Also, included in the program schedule is a Field Trip/Fun Day each week and swimming several days per week.