Our Mission

EdAdvance is one of Connecticut's six Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs). Our mission as the RESC in western Connecticut is to promote the success of school districts and their communities.  Collaboratively with them, we provide educational and related services.  A continuing commitment to quality and excellence is our standard of performance.

Our Values

EdAdvance works to promote the success of schools and communities. We believe we can best realize that mission by committing ourselves to four core values, including:

Quality Focus: 

We value the following in pursuit of quality:
  • Customer Focus
  • Systems Orientation
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Data-Based Decision-Making
  • Tools and Processes
We value thinking that is forward-looking and behaviors that involve risk in pursuit of quality.

We value the process of working together in the pursuit of quality.

We value an environment wherein people are respected and dignified as persons and contributors in pursuit of quality.