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EdAdvance Receives New Program Enhancement Grants to Expand Adult Education Offerings

December 12th, 2017

The Connecticut State Department of Education has awarded seven federal Program Enhancement Project grants to EdAdvance’s Foothills Adult Education for the 2017-18 school year. Foothills Adult & Continuing Education is a state and locally-funded program serving 17 school districts. These grants provide multiple career-focused educational and workforce development programs at no cost for adults in western CT.  Dr. Jeff Kitching, Executive Director at EdAdvance commented,  “This funding supports the delivery of critical adult education programs and services throughout our region focused on high school completion and skill development for success in future careers.  Working collaboratively with our state and community partners, we are able to extend the reach of these programs and ensure we target our most vulnerable residents.”

The seven grant-funded programs involve partnerships among EdAdvance-Foothills Adult Education and numerous local and state agencies including NRWIB/One Stop, CT Department of Labor, CT Department of Rehabilitation Services, the Northwest CT Chamber of Commerce, Northwest CT Community College, FISH Homeless Shelter, the McCall Center for Behavioral Health, Torrington Family Resource Center at Vogel-Wetmore School, and New Milford’s Adult Education program. A description of these programs follows:

Preparing for Success in the 21st Century Workplace will provide direct instruction and hands-on experiences in computer science and coding basics to develop core 21st century employability skills. Integrated Education & Training; The I-BEST Model for our Workforce Development Board (WDB) Identified Industry Sectors will provide training in a high employability area to earn a industry credential. Building Bridges to College and Work will provide a structured exploration of postsecondary education, training, and career opportunities for Credit Diploma Program students. Linking Literacy in the ESL Program will provide English Language Acquisition classes and Civics and Citizenship Classes  resources to parents while their young children are engaged in literacy and numeracy enrichment activities. Expanding Services to NEDP Clients will expand the National External Diploma Program providing an additional high school credential option. Serving Adult Education students with Multiple Barriers to Education will identify prospects for Adult Basic Education (ABE) or General Educational Development (GED) programs and provide services at a site that meets students’ needs. English Language Acquisition and Integrated English Literacy & Civics Education will assist individuals to acquire English Language Proficiency as a means to further educational or professional advancement.

For more information on these programs, contact Dr. Susan Domanico, EdAdvance’s Adult Education Director at domanico@edadvance.org or 860-567-0863 x 186.    

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