Est. time: 13 min

School athletics are an integral part of the American school system. Just as there is potential liability for schools from educating students, so too is there potential liability for schools when students and staff participate in athletics. There are certain inherent risks and risks that can be assumed by individuals because they choose to participate in a particular sport. In some cases, certain risks can be waived by signing a liability waiver. Generally, this waiver must be signed by an adult if the student athlete has not reached adulthood. For example, some school policies require parents to sign a waiver indicating that the student is healthy enough to participate in school athletics. This form may also provide vital information about the student's health and any medical conditions or medications they need to ensure their health and safety. Written by attorney Jeremy Duffy, in this tutorial you will learn about: Professional preparation and instructional competence - Avoiding abuse claims - Facility and equipment safety - Athletic events - Camps and clinics; and - Team transportation issues.