Est. time: 24 min

The bond between a coach and a student-athlete can be a very profound one. Many of today's student-athletes have less family support than in previous eras. Coaches today are now role models for their student-athletes. Their influence over his or her athletes may exceed the intensity that exists within the classroom. Because of this, coaches must be professional in the way that they teach and behave. Like any profession, coaching has its highs and lows, but if you are prepared, it can be mostly highs. You can be a successful coach without capturing a championship. Successful coaching is about much more than winning games. Successful coaches help athletes master new skills, enjoy competing with others, and feel good about themselves. Successful coaches not only teach sporting skills, they also teach and model the skills needed for successful living in our society. In this tutorial you will learn the following objectives: Expectations, Responsibilities, Duties, Obligation to Supervise, Health and Safety Issues, Liabilities, Code of Ethics, and Coaching Rules to Live by.