Est. time: 18 min

Thousands of children are assaulted physically, verbally, or emotionally each day of school throughout the United States. "The National Education Association estimates that 160,000 students miss school every day because of fear of attack or intimidation by a bully". However, with the advancements of today's technology and the availability of this technology to our young children, a new and more devastating form of bullying called cyber bullying is emerging as an advanced method of inflicting social cruelty to its victims in a way that surpasses conventional bullying methods. Written by Nathan Kleefisch from the Tri-Creek School Corporation, in this tutorial, you will learn about the general characteristics of cyber bullying; about the definition of cyber bullying; to identify the roles of the bully, victim and the bystanders relative to cyber bullying; and to identify ways in which schools and adults can reduce school violence and cyber bullying.