Est. time: 16 min

Identity theft is an increasingly common crime in which a criminal obtains a victim's Personal Identifying Information (PII) with the intent of committing fraud or other crimes. With the advent of each new technology, the possibilities for identity theft is constantly evolving so that more and more people are being affected and need protection, whether it is from the federal or state governments or through protective services. The Federal government and many state governments have enacted identity protection legislation. Being aware of how to protect personal and professional information and being alert to a breach in that protection are the most important ways for individuals to eliminate potential risks of losing their identity to another individual. It is proactive for municipalities, including schools, to plan ahead so all information (professional and personal) is safe. Written by Michael Livovich, in this tutorial, you will learn about Identity Theft in General, Federal Statutes Protecting Identity, How a Person's Identity is Stolen, and What Can Be Done to Prevent Theft or What Can Be Done in the Case of Suspected or Known Theft