Est. time: 18 min

According to OSHA, it is required that all equipment be locked out during servicing and/or maintenance work to protect against accidental or inadvertent activation that could result in personal injury or equipment damage. In addition to disconnecting the power source, it is also required that all residual pressures be relieved and energizing lines closed and secured prior to and during any such work. This tutorial establishes the minimum requirements for the lockout of energy sources whenever maintenance or servicing work is done on machines or equipment. It will be used to ensure that the machine or equipment is stopped, isolated from all potentially hazardous energy sources, and locked out before employees perform any service or maintenance work where the unexpected or unintended energization or start-up of the machine or equipment, or release of stored energy, could cause injury. All employees (authorized, affected, or others) are required to comply with the requirements of lockout.