Est. time: 15 min

This tutorial will assist in understanding the hazards, roles and responsibilities of a permit required confined space entrant. This tutorial can be used by facility and operations managers, as well as maintenance personnel and others who are responsible for maintaining commercial, industrial, governmental and school buildings along with their operations. Using this tutorial along with possible assistance from an outside expert, an individual should be able to make reasonable decisions as to whether a permit required confined space is safe to enter and work in. To also assure there is no concern of chemical exposure, engulfment, explosion, lack of oxygen or potential to get trapped in a confined space. Written by Villa Environmental, in this tutorial, you will learn the following objectives: Learn the components of a permit-required confined space; Understand the specific roles of an entrant; Understand the responsibilities of the entrant; What Personal Protective Equipment is required for entrants; And Safe entry procedures for Entrants.