Est. time: 21 min

Public and private schools across the nation have been conscious of the need to be ready in the event of a crisis. Some of the very real dangers that school officials, staff, and students could face are severe weather, fire, bomb threats or the discovery of suspicious items; structural failure, the failure of utilities or loss of utility service; bus accidents, the presence of an intruder, use of a weapon, or taking of a hostage; or release of hazardous materials both indoors and outdoors, public health or medical emergencies, earthquakes, and nuclear power plant accidents. Many states, such as Illinois, are ensuring the readiness of public and private schools by requiring fire and police and school officials to collaborate in the event of a crisis by planning for the correct response for various events. School Safety and Crisis Management is not just the responsibility of first responders, but of school staff and students as well. Written by Michael Livovich, the following objectives will be addressed in this tutorial: Federal Emergency Management Standards; Illinois School Safety Drill Act; Definition of First Responder and School Safety Drills; School Safety/Crisis Response Plans; School Safety Drills: Types, Scheduling, Conducting, and Documenting; Annual Review and Report; And Sample Template and Checklist.

State Customized Versions available for: IL, NJ, NY