Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Training is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program designed to help prepare adults and teen leaders to recognize and address mental health problems among youth and adolescents in our communities. Participants learn how to recognize the symptoms of common mental illnesses and substance use disorders, de-escalate crisis situations safely, and initiate timely referrals to mental health and substance use disorders resources available in the community.

Who Can Attend YMHFA Training?

Any individual who feels comfortable learning how to recognize and address mental health problems among youth and adolescents is encouraged to attend. YMHFA Training is designed for those who do not have advanced education or training in the mental health professions. Participants come from all educational and professional backgrounds with the commonality of a desire to help recognize and address mental health problems among youth and adolescents. We also offer YMHFA Training to high school student leaders in grades 11 & 12.

How Long is the Training Session?

The YMHFA training is 8 hours long and participants must attend all 8 hours to receive YMHFA Training Certification. The training may be scheduled as 1 full day session, 2 half-day sessions, or (4) 2-hour sessions. 

When and Where are the Training Sessions Held?

Trainings can be scheduled for any group of 10-30 participants at the times, days and location of your choice, including weekdays, weekends or evenings.

Are There Any Costs Involved?

$1,000 class fee + $20 per participant to purchase class materials

Upon completion of the 8-hour training, participants receive a comprehensive resource book carefully developed to provide easy access to information.

Who Provides the Training?

EdAdvance provides the training. We have a team of certified YMHFA Trainers who provide the training.


For more information about Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Training, to register for a training session, or to schedule one or more training sessions for your group, please contact:

Amanda DelVicario, Project Coordinator - Project AWARE NW CT
860.567.0863 | Email