After School Outdoor Learning Adventures is an exciting enrichment program for students in grades 3 and 4 from Bristol, Waterbury and Plymouth.  The program takes place Thursday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30 at Indian Rock Nature Preserve in Bristol.  There are two separate sessions, one in fall and one in spring.  Registration forms are available from program teachers at each participating school. 

At the program, students eat a nutritious snack before starting their three learning stations: Science and Nature, Book Cooks, and Homework Help.  Some of the fun science activities they’ve tried include making SunPrints, Identifying Fossils, Bug Sweeps, Pond Life Investigations and Dissecting Owl Pellets.  In Book Cooks, students have made and tasted Bee Treats with honey and yogurt, Earth Layers Mexican Dip, Banana Sushi, and Chai Chex Mix.  Homework Help is a chance for students to finish assignments from their schools, work with students and teachers from other schools, and practice academic skills with supplementary materials when they’re finished with their own assignments.  After School Adventures provides students a safe, fun outdoor learning environment where students meet new friends, play games, taste yummy snacks, hear multicultural literature, and practice academic skills with the support of caring teachers and environmental educators.