Healthy Children, Healthy Minds is an exciting interdisciplinary enrichment program for diverse middle school students throughout northwestern Connecticut and the greater Danbury area. Students meet during the academic year to explore healthy lifestyle choices as they relate to nutrition, physical fitness and personal wellness.

While exploring healthy lifestyle choices, the program’s curriculum engages students in science, mathematics, reading and writing. Students have the opportunity to try out exercise options that they might not otherwise experience, such as water aerobics, martial arts, Capoeira or yoga. Food is integrated into the program as an educational tool, as students participate in hands-on cooking, food tastings and nutrition lessons. Additionally, students work in a collaborative, supportive environment to explore mental health issues, such as peer pressure, bullying and body image. Healthy Children, Healthy Minds provides an active program where students learn to apply the concepts of good emotional health, nutrition and physical fitness to their classroom learning and daily lives.