WoW! The Wonders of Watersheds provided a highly successful experiential watershed education for 75 students in grades 3-5 enrolled in Waterbury’s Summer 21st CCLC Program.  Students engaged in a series of on-site active learning activities and science simulations, and attended experiential field trips to Hammonasset State Park and Candlewood Lake. In the field, they experienced firsthand had how diverse bodies of water and landscapes are part of a watershed.  With grant funding awarded by National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation, WoW! taught students what a watershed is and to identify their local watershed.  Students worked with environmental educators who served as mentors and guides.  For most students, WoW! provided a first opportunity to develop a sense of personal stake and responsibility for their local watershed and helped them to feel empowered to become environmental stewards and advocates for the environment.  Students were also able to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and water resource career options and pathways to careers.  Students learned the science of watersheds and increased STEM learning through active movement, field work and even art (adding “A” to STEM to create STEAM).